Introduction: Together We Hack
Hackathons, like "Together We Hack," serve as vibrant hubs of creativity, bringing together brilliant minds from various backgrounds, experiences, and expertise. Pushpay hosts hackathons because Pushpay recognize the power of collective intelligence and the magic that happens when people collaborate, brainstorm, and prototype solutions in a high-energy, time-bound environment. This event took place over the course of 3 business days
As the lead UI/UX designer for this project, I played a pivotal role by crafting intuitive user interfaces and seamless user experiences, ensuring our product not only looked visually appealing but also functioned intuitively and efficiently. The design team for this project worked with Figma for our deliverables.  
At the end of the event, my team won the People's Choice Award and Fast Track Award. These achievements are a testament to our innovative approach and collaborative efforts, granting our project the opportunity to swiftly enter the market, showcasing our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions effectively and efficiently.
Project Overview: Your Year In Review
Popular music streaming apps such as Spotify have been generating "Your year in review" presentations which use the data they have collected to provide a personalized wrap-up for their users. We led a hackathon that could leverage the data Pushpay has available to create something similar for our customers and donors.
Role and Responsibilities: Lead UI/UX Designer
As the lead UI/UX designer on this project, I led a team of 3 designers to deliver a high quality working prototype that we could present to the judges at the end of our hackathon. A condensed version of our process can be summarized by the following steps: User research and analysis, wire framing, visual design, accessibility and inclusivity, collaboration with various departments, and high fidelity prototyping through Figma. 
User-Centered Design: Research, Test, Iterate
In conducting user research, I employed a competitive analysis and  usability studies to gather comprehensive insights into user behavior and preferences. Through these methods, I meticulously gathered feedback from various team members, identifying anticipated pain points and areas for improvement from our customers.
During the user testing phase, we used interactive prototypes observing users as they interacted with the product. This hands-on approach allowed me to directly witness user behaviors, understand their challenges, and gather real-time feedback. I was intentional on documenting these sessions, identifying patterns and areas of confusion.
After gathering valuable data, I iteratively refined the designs with my team, incorporating user suggestions and addressing pain points. This iterative process involved tweaking interface elements, adding animations, adjusting user flows, and enhancing overall usability based on the feedback received. Through testing and refining the designs, we ensured that the final product demo was not only visually appealing but also intuitive and user-friendly, meeting the needs and expectations of our users effectively.
Results and Impact: Why This Matters
Estimated Financials:
Based on total revenue / total current customers from ytd reporting, the average revenue per customer $10K +. This is after processing costs and including SaaS fees and based on an average of all customers regardless of segment / brand. We estimate a reduce churn rate of 0.91% to 0.75% and an attraction of new customers because of Pushplayback. This would lead to an estimated $419k revenue opportunity. 

General notes:
We believe by showing customers their success, specifically the success we helped them achieve, we can increase loyalty to our brand. The year in review concept has reached a point of wide proliferation across many markets, except ours — we would be the first in our market when we build this feature.
Reflection and Learning: Key Takeaways
What I enjoyed most from this project was cross-departmental collaboration with individuals from engineering, marketing, quality assurance, data analysis, product management, software development, and technical support. Collaborating closely with diverse departments within the company, and fostering a rich environment of cross-functional teamwork not only enhanced the project's outcome but also enriched my own professional experience.
The success of this project is shown through our team's reception of the People's Choice Award and Fast Track Award. If we were given more time with this group of people, I would have loved to learn more about each department's contribution to the final project and how their deliverables tied into their day to day work at the company. 
Testimonial: From the Judges
"Pushplayback is one of the judges (as well as the rest of the company’s) favorite ideas for this hackathon. You undoubtedly deserve the “People’s Choice Award”! This was the most beautiful presentation visually. The speakers also had high energy. A great delivery to further strengthen your pitch. Overall, we loved the idea, the collaboration, and the execution. Therefore, we believe it is a worthwhile winner for the “Fast Track Award”."
-Pushpay's Judge Panel
Final Presentation: Pushplayback 2023
View the Figma presentation deck and prototype below (flow 2). 
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